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Garden Of Stone

I am lost without my dear loved one,
Emptiness surrounds our once happy home,
No longer sharing a blissful life,
One is resting in the Garden of Stone.

Daily I seek your presence,
Aimlessly I am destined to roam,
My heart is surely breaking,
As I walk through the Garden of Stone.

Flowers have lost their beauty,
The love light of my life is gone,
Hours I spend just sitting,
In the lonesome Garden of Stone.

Take my hand oh sweet precious lover,
Leave me no more alone,
I am wistfully longing to stay,
In your mournful Garden of Stone.

Life is for those that enjoy living,
For death to take me I moan,
Rejoin me with my sweet beloved,
Placed in the Garden of Stone.

Gayle Davis
October 16, 2003

Artwork: Comforting Friend by
Arthur Wardle

Quote: "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal. "
~From a headstone in Ireland

Music: You're At Peace In His Love

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission

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