An Hour With You~*~Fruits of Thy Labor~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Thank you to each one,
From the bottom of my heart,
For giving "An Hour With You",
Such a wonderful start.

Growing from its inception,
Great poetry has flourished,
The words written by each,
Touch hearts and nourish.

Love, hope and laughter,
Heartfelt prayers too,
Feelings so displayed,
With a warmth so true.

Friendships have formed,
Lengthening a chain,
Going round the world,
Kindness and love sustain.

You are "An Hour With You",
You have made it grow,
With eloquent words of heart,
Your inner thoughts to show.

Thank you so very much,
For your special poetic grace,
The time you have taken to make
Poetry, graphics and music enlace.

A special thank you to all,
Musicians and graphic sites,
You have made it possible,
For each page to be just right.

As this year comes to a close,
And a New Year begins anew,
I hope to post your works again,
Displaying the artistry of you.

December 18, 2004

So from me, LadyGayle
I would like to send you my love
Wish you all a Merry Christmas
And a Blessed Happy New Year
You Have Made This Year A Success!!!

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Midi playing "Timeless" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.