~An Hour With You~



Friendship Path

Thank you, my special friend
For walking along this friendship path
That we have decided to share
A love which radiates out from both of us

Fills the morning and evening air
With a feeling of love and friendship
A great feeling of contentment and happiness
Knowing the other is there

Sharing each others happiness
Being there in times of sorrow and pain
Knowing the gift God has given me
Such a precious Internet Friend

For your friendship
Brings music to my heart
And joy and happiness to my soul
You are a gift from God

Even though our friendship
May someday drift away
When we both help each other grow
I know we both will love each other

Till the day we meet again
In heaven up above

Donna J. Kramer


Music: If Tomorrow Never Comes

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given


Assembled By: Donna