~ An Hour With You~


Friendship Is Sharing

They always said boys and girls
Can never be friends
Even though you and I
We’ve been best friends forever

What do people know
We’ve shared our hopes
All of our dreams
And our heartache and pain

When we were small and silly
We played and laughed together
Shared our toys, lunches
And our hearts together

Now they say boys and girls
Cannot just be friends
Even though we are just two people
Sharing a friendship

For in our hearts we are the same
We laugh the same cry the same
Tell silly jokes the same
Feel sorrow and pain the same

The only difference now is
You are grown and so am I
Our precious friendship has grown too
The greatest growth is we are still friends

For we learned a long time ago
Friendship is sharing
Your heart, loyalty, and faith
And we will always just be friends

Donna J. Kramer
June 9, 2004©




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