~ An Hour With You~

Friends Are Like Flowers

A friend is like a flower
That blooms in summertime
They need a lot of loving care
And tenderness combined.

Like the flower, they need love
To get them through the day.
They also need a tender touch
From all who pass their way.

A true friend will never fail you
If the foundation is built strong,
A true friend stands beside you,
No matter what goes wrong.

Like the treasures of the sea
The pearl so rare, so fine,
The same is found in friendships
They are valued very dear.

We should tell they are precious
For they might never know,
How much you really mean to them
If they are never told.

This world owes you nothing here
And it is nothing without a friend,
If you are blessed enough to have one
Cherish them to the end...

Ann Hart
March 29th,04
Written for my online friends
I love you all.



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Music playing is "Spring"
composition by T. J. Moir
Used With Permission