~ An Hour With You~

Beautiful compassionate pink roses,
Soaked with the tears of sweet Jesus,
Forever roses calling us to be,
His just to love, forgive and bless.

Tenderness and mercy pours throughout hearts,
A most gracious love very dear,
Forever roses toll our Lord's passion,
Magnificent Love triumphs clear.

Try and endure only one of His tears,
Loves' preciousness is purity,
Forever rosesí sprinkled uniqueness,
Soakings of sweet security.

Beautiful compassionate pink roses,
Saturate passion in each heart,
Forever roses pure and gentle scent,
Goes beyond warmth that soon imparts.

With the sweetness of Jesusí rain showers,
Such love springs from great out pouring,
Forever roses essence streams with cause,
Abundant love rises soaring.

Love Divine is our existence promised,
Such gentleness soft and tender,
Forever roses crying to flourish,
Blooming Love Jesus does render.

©Sondra McPherson
October 7, 2004

Copyright © 2004 Grammys Gallery -Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved.
Image is from Stock Stash

Music: "Softly And Tenderly"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Permission Granted