~An Hour With You~

*For All You Do For Jesus*

Dear Lord in heaven up above
I need a favor from you today,
For a precious child of yours
Who loves you in a special way.

He does not work for golden awards
Or treasures of any kind,
His work is to glorify your name
And spread love to all mankind.

But Father your child is not well
And he needs your tender love,
To help him fight the battles Lord
Please Lord touch him from above.

He sent out prayer request everyday
For everyone of us in need,
And now we asked this favor lord
So he can finish his deeds.

Grant him rest when he is weary
Please Lord free his pain,
Let him feel your strength within
As he works not waiting gain.

Lord we thank you for the answer
And we put our complete trust in you,
That you are going to heal his body
And give him many blessings due.


Ann Hart
April 1st 2004
For everyone’s friend on the internet
Jimmyakajcshrimp1. GBU Jimmy!
We all love you!


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the composition is copyright © Geoff Anderson
and used with permission.

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