~ An Hour With You~

Fly Like An Eagle

Iím gonna fly like an eagle,
Over turmoil I will soar,
Ainít gonna be burdened,
By these trials no more.

God will give strength,
To these wings with which I fly,
I will sail into the heavens,
In the sweet bye and bye.

Heartache and disappointment,
Are waiting for me to land,
However, I will not cease flying,
Till I reach the Promised Land.

God is my pilot; the Lord is my shield,
I will go forth following the light that He sends,
I will not question the wisdom of what He speaks,
Yet consult with Him for guidance when I wend.

I will soar like the eagles Ďtill day is done,
Winging my way to the heavens above,
I will reach my destination without a doubt,
For the enduring strength is my Godís true love.

Gayle Davis


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Used with Permission