An Hour With You

Image above entitled "God Cares" ©Sally Holt

Father, I Need You Always

I cry out to You Heavenly Father,
Please help me to make the right choices,
Help me sweet Lord to heed your directions,
Discerning good from evil voices.

I trust you Jesus to lead me along life's path,
In an onward ascending walkway,
Placing my feet carefully upon your footprints,
Thus in heaven I will wend some day.

Oh my sweet wonderful Father in glory,
Take this un-molded, yet pliable clay,
Shape me Lord that I may be a devout soul,
Treading each step in my Lords loving way.

Help me Lord to be an example,
Of all the goodness you portray,
Never becoming a stumbling block,
By my actions or through words I say.

Gayle Davis
November 15, 2003©


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