~ An Hour With You~

Slowly I reached for the precious gift,
A special one offered to me,
I thought I had nothing to exchange,
Though costly, to me given free.

It was not wrapped in elaborate paper,
No fancy bow in sight to behold,
Yet I knew it was of great significance,
The greatest gift ever, I was told.

I bowed my head in humbleness,
I could not look into your eyes,
The gift so lovingly offered,
Covered all sins I had comprised.

Eagerly I accepted your offerings,
My soul was cleansed that day,
I gave my heart to you Jesus,
In exchange for the cost you paid.

Gayle Davis
October 17, 2003

Image used is from SXC
Music: "The Shepherd's Song"
By Rhesa Siregar,
Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Used With Permission