~ An Hour With You~


Darling as I lay in sleep,
My heart belongs to you,
I think of you each morning,
And of our love so true.

You are gone for a while,
But I know you will return,
Others need your help now,
Your absence makes me yearn.

Dreams come each night,
Always filled with love,
I place you in God's care,
He watches from above.

I dream of your homecoming,
Of holding you in my arms,
Together we are safe and secure,
You were spared from any harm.

Come home my beloved,
I wish you in place of the dreams,
My life appears so happy,
But all is not as it seems.

I'll dream of you my darling,
Until your returning I see,
By the grace of God above,
Blessings from Him to me.

I will hold you yet again,
Though not in my dreams,
It will be in reality known,
By prayer God has thus deemed.

Gayle Davis©
December 3, 2004









Midi playing "Dreams Of You And Me" By: Bruce Deboer
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