~An Hour With You~


Don't Awaken Me

Don't awaken me
While I am dreaming
Dreaming of a magnificent world
Of make believe and wonder

Being a beautiful lead dancer
In a wondrous ballerina program
Becoming the leading actress and singer
In a popular musical play

Please don't awaken me
When I'm having so much happiness
Being given all my hopes and dreams
In my imaginary world of dreams

Spending time in a magical world
Where everyone loves everyone else
Where people in the world have learned to live
In peace and harmony
Which only exists in my world of dreams

So please don't awaken me
For I'm dreaming; Iím living in
The special world God made for you and me
Full of happiness and joy

Donna J. Kramer
June 8,2004©

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Music: "Dreams"
Music by Margi Harrell