~ An Hour With You~

Do You Know My Darling

Do you know my darling, how I miss you,
You are such a part of me,
And there are days when I do realize,
Our love was a time to be.

Do you know my darling, my life has changed,
That it will ne’er be the same,
And even though we’re apart for awhile,
Our love I’ll ever proclaim.

Do you know my darling, I still love you,
Deep in my heart you’re right here,
I miss your sweet love, your smile, and your arms,
You holding me Oh so near.

Do you know my darling, I’m here for you,
All my love to you I send,
Whenever I need you I see your face,
I blow kisses through the wind.

Do you know my darling, there’ll be a day,
When we’re together again,
I dream of you every night and I know,
Our love will always remain.

©Sondra McPherson
July 15, 2003


Music: "Power Of Love"
Bill Basham
Permission Granted