~ An Hour With You~

Do You Know Jesus

Do you know Jesus as Lord and as King,
He’s asking you to come near,
In my heart I know you’ve heard everything,
But Jesus is always here.

Humbly He gave His life for me and you,
And Yes He lives in my heart,
Forever and a day He’s with me too,
He gives whole life, we’ll ne’er part.

There’s no sweeter love than Jesus who lives,
Just reach for Him and you’ll see,
Let Him know you love Him, Yes He forgives,
His great love will set you free.

Just come as you are, Jesus will not care,
He loves you now, did you know,
Jesus will be happy to hear your prayer,
And He’ll never let you go.

A new life will begin for you this day,
There’s no greater love to hold,
For Jesus is Love and the only way,
God gave Him, just as told.

©Sondra McPherson
July 4, 2003


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Music: "Calling Us To Believe"

By: Azimuth Permission Granted