~An Hour With You~

Do you know you have a good heart,
One that always gives,
Filled with Agape love all through,
God's Gift always lives?

Do you know that God's love does keep,
All others alive,
Freely given's peculiar signs,
Helping all survive?

Do you know you're chosen by Him,
Anointed with Love,
In the midst of God blessing all,
Gift of Love's thereof?

Do you know you are loved by all,
Assured's a blessed touch,
For your hands bring healing from God,
Anointed thus much?

Do you know you are God's anchor,
Firmly stand stable,
Ready to greet the Lord's Own Will,
Joined at His Table?

Do you know His Touch on you's sweet,
Never to leave you,
His Anointing's there for His Use,
How blessed you are too!

©Sondra McPherson
August 20, 2003

Copyright © 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved.

Image used from SXC

Music: "Everlasting Love"

Original Composition By Yuko Ohigashi
Permission Granted