~ An Hour With You~

Divine Love

Great waves of heavenly love,
Surround me, fill me, cleanse me,
Flowing to me from the cross,
Where Christ made me free.

Given by the multitudes,
Selfish rulers acting in haste,
Hanged my Loving Lord,
Judasí kiss sealed His fate.

Bowing before Him in humility,
Unworthy of the blood He shed,
Slowly dropping from His brow,
Forgiving my sins as He bled.

Enfold me, envelope me and hold me,
Lord Jesus in earnest I plea,
Keep me safe in Thou loving arms,
My Savior, my Father, I belong to Thee.

Gayle Davis
May 20, 2003©




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Music: "God Hear My Prayer"
* Jalal's Musical Compositions *.
Original by Jalal Ali *Jalal's Musical Compositions*
Composed and Sequenced By: Jalal Ali (JMC)

Permission Granted