~ An Hour With You~

Dearest Lord


We think of all the times, Dearest Lord,
When things done bring forth a shame,
Then we remember You’re here for us,
Sweet forgiveness grasps the blame.

Compassionate Jesus we love You,
Our hearts oft break with deep tears,
Offending others is never good,
Dearest Lord, please bless those dears.

We pray for enlightening wisdom,
To clear vanity's thoughts too,
Ne’er to put ourselves first ere our loves,
Dearest Lord, we look toward You.

We give You praise for showing us paths,
Straight and narrow we should walk,
Never to bring shame on You or dears,
Dearest Lord, we’re blessed to talk.

Blessings flow through Your Life that’s given,
Everyday we reap so much,
Thank you from our hearts for healing us,
Dearest Lord, we love Your Touch.

©Sondra McPherson
February 7, 2004

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