~ An Hour With You~


Dear Sweet Jesus

Oh Lord I beseech you,
Look down favorably upon me,
Sprinkle the goodness of your love,
O'er me as the rains mist the flowers.

Touch me my Savior,
As the sun rays touch the earth,
Instill in my heart Father,
The purity of a new birth.

Lead me, Oh My sweet Jesus,
As the shepherd leads his sheep,
Fill me with a compassionate spirit,
Giving sight when others I greet.

Cloak me my King of all Kings
In a Christ-like life here below,
Allowing in my daily actions,
The love of You, my Lord to show.

Gayle Davis
August 2, 2004

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Music: "Then Will I Hear From Heaven"

By: Gilberto Barreto
Used With Permission