~ An Hour With You~

It seems almost yesterday and then,
Days gone by come back anew,
To remind us of such happy times,
Precious things that speak of you.

Oh how I remember you Grandma,
And your vanity of lace,
Your sweet smelling sachet of soft scents,
China roses in a vase.

Precious days gone by come back again,
I see your silver jeweled box,
With your hairbrush and the comb you used,
All the saving of hair locks.

How Iím reminded of you Grandma,
Just all the sweetness of you,
Your writing letters, dipping your pen,
Love for the Lord you gave too.

It seems nearly yesterday but then,
You're reading your Bible now,
Youíre in the rocking chair praising God,
Placing your hand on your brow.

Days gone by of your head bowing down,
I know now you were praying,
For us, not crying, and I'm happy,
I know all you were saying.

©Sondra McPherson
November 11, 2004

Music: "Amazing Grace"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission