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The glimmering moon sits way up high
illuminating the midnight sky,
casting a magical glow all around.
Listen closely to the rhythmic sound.
A peaceful tune streams through the air
a lover's melody for us to share.


Nature plays a sweet symphony
to rejoice in the moonlight jamboree.
Crickets sharpen up their bows,
performing a ballad soft and low.
Water flows within a rushing stream,
shimmering in the moonlight beams.


Tranquil breezes join the balladry
sweeping briskly through the trees.
Toads harmonize in baritone sounds
low rumbles, sounding so profound.
In the distance, the wolf cries,
intense howling striking in reprise.

Beneath the silvery moonlight,
jubilee of the purest delight,
Hold me in your steadfast embrace
we'll dance in beauty and in grace.
Lively we'll sway to our heart's tune
on this magical night, beneath the moon.


©TinasHeart 01/12/02




Song playing "Could I Have This Dance"

by: Jack Hall Permission Granted