~ An Hour With You~

Dad Gum It All!

If I had no bad luck,
I'd have no luck at all..
Cuz I tried to fix supper last night
And cut my best finger with the saw.

Oh it was not the kind of saw,
That my Daddy used when building things
It was the dad gum edge of my box of foil
That I ripped off to cover the leftovers.

It hurt so much I almost cried
But then I remember Daddy telling me to not be Ugly
It is so sore today I can hardly do my housework
But I think I can type good enough to do some pages.

Now I know this poem does't sound good to anyone
But you have to know how much I tried
I write in my sleep
And while I am awake

Please continue to write for me for Goodness Sake!!!

Author: Carolyn Nored Lequieu
ŠJuly30, 2004




Created with love
June 17, 2004

Music: "Listen To My Cry"

(Based on Psalms 142 and 143)
By Elton Smith and Gilberto Barreto
Permission Granted