~ An Hour With You~

God's Biggest Angel

Big Red

Cute Guardian Angel
Big Red

I was so sad and forlorn
That night when I went to bed
Prayed for protection and help
From the good Lord up above
Big Red
Crying tears of heartache and pain
When I felt a hand upon my head
Turning with tears upon my face
Seeing an angel beside my bed
Big Red
He was so cute you canít believe
I bet he was bigger than the rest
With beautiful bright red hair
With cute freckles on his face
Big Red
Iím your Guardian Angel
God said you needed me
So I hurried down from heaven
Cause I knew thatís where you would be
Big Red
I said, youíre not what I expected
My Guardian Angel would be
God said, you needed some one special
So guess what, you got me
Big Red
You know God has a sense of humor
He knows you like cute things
So God said, I would make you feel happy
Every time you would look at me
Big Red
So Iím your Guardian Angel
Iím so glad at last you got to meet me
For I really love you
And I hope you will always love me
Big Red
Donna J. Kramer
June 11, 2004©


Big Red


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