~ An Hour With You~



Crossing Over

Marching toward the Heavens,
Upon an invisible stairway,
Homeward bound, loved ones,
Moving nearer, the tripís one way.

Jesus stands patiently in waiting,
Crowns set with jewels, are pure gold,
Names written thereon of the faithful,
Christ will crown these precious souls.

Angels grace the Pearly Gates,
Singing as one by one, they arrive,
Filling heaven with glorious song,
For each soul in Christ is alive.

Neither sorrow nor pain hampers,
In heaven, it is forever free,
No more sufferings of this world,
The way God promised it would be.

Gayle Davis
May 15, 2003©

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Music: "Mansion Over The Hilltop"
Redsal's Midis
(~1949 Words & music by Ira Stamphill)
(Sequenced by: Sal Grippaldi)
Used With Permission