~ An Hour With You~

Creator Of All

The stars shine in the heavens,
Creating a wonderful sight,
The moon gives off a soft glow,
Gifting to the darkness light.

The sun is shining this morning,
The rays are ever so bright,
When God created the universe,
He did everything just right.

Trees grow along yon horizons,
An array of flowers dot the lands,
Oh, look at the majestic colors,
Painted by the Masterís Hand.

I am a part of Godís creations,
In His likeness, He molded me,
To ensure my home in the heavens,
Jesus died so from sin I could be free.

The Eternal Gift of Life is waiting,
If you will give to the Creator your heart,
He will wash away all of your sins,
Divine love My Lord will impart.

Gayle Davis
September 5, 2003©


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