~An Hour With You~

Covered With His Wings

The softness of his voice
His gentle loving care
The love I feel surrounding me
Protecting me from sorrow and pain

Knowing I'm never abandoned
When others shun me and turn away
As unbearable pain overwhelms my soul
Making me feel lost, sad and forlorn

Covered with His Wings
Protected from the unbearable cold
Needing compassion, love and respect
For just the living soul I am

Covered with His Wings
Keeping me cherished and warm
Knowing I am unconditionally loved
Protected from the raging storm

Fighting for the right and privilege
To be the very best I can
While cuddling safe and sound
Covered with His Wings

©Donna J. Kramer
Sept. 9, 2004





Music: The Shelter Of Your Wings

By: Rich Founds
Permission Given


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