~An Hour With You~



Covered By The Blood

It's because of the Blood of Jesus,
I am still alive today,
It is not because of any award,
That I have earned along the way.

It's all through His wonderful grace,
I exalt and praise His Name,
It's not for any earthly things,
But it's all for Heaven's gain.

If Jesus had not chosen to die for me,
My soul would never be free,
And I would be drifting alone somewhere,
Shut out of Heaven's sweet victory.

Thank You Jesus, for a Calvary Cross,
Thank You for the friends you send our way,
And thank You for the blessing that come,
Each new day.

Written By Ann Hart
Copyrighted June 3rd 04


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There Is A Fountain

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem

Used With Permission