~An Hour With You~


Concrete Angel

Pretty little girl child,
Sadness fills her soul,
Suffering abuse daily,
Yet it remains untold.

A smile upon her face,
Masks hurt deep inside,
Pretty little girl child,
The aching won't subside.

People look and wonder,
No one ask for they fear,
The knowledge given,
Would be sad and drear.

Much easier to look away,
Pretend bruises they don't see,
Teachers, neighbors and peers,
A rescuer she hopes you'll be.

No one helps the battered child,
Abuse takes its toll this time,
She has gone to live with Jesus,
Such a beautiful angel divine.

Yet her memory lingers here,
Vivid at the cemetery gates,
A beautiful concrete angel stands,
Reminding of those who yet wait.

She is looking as we pass,
A guardian to those below,
Tears fall from the concrete angel,
When compassion we don't show.

Stand near the snowy white angel,
Look to see if tears are in her eyes,
Then turn to look at the children,
Is there one we know abuse denies?

Reach out to the suffering child,
Show comfort, become a part,
Donít let another little angel,
Become so hardened in its heart.

The stony beginnings are set,
The hardening continues on,
Another concrete angel,
In Heaven's abusive zone.

Gayle Davis©
December 20th, 2004©



Midi playing "Golden Tears" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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