~ An Hour With You~

Come, Walk With Me

What conceit this, to think that I
Can effect the world in which I live.
What avarice; to think my conscious thoughts
Obscure another's drive.

What shall I do if this should fail,
And be yet another stumbling block
On the road already strewn with fallen,
Mountainous boulders, not just rocks.

And yet, I want everyone to know,
The me that lives inside, and understand.
That Love is all that lives eternally......
And that God is in the Details of that Love---So take my hand.

Lets walk this rock-strewn path together until we find
That Love that Lives inside each soul---
God's Love is Blind

Karen Payne
April 1, 2004


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Photo courtesy of StockStash

Music: "Welcome To My World"

[Eddie Arnold, Elvis, Dean Martin]
Sequenced By: George E. Cadero ( Gecadero's Midi)
Used With Permission