~ An Hour With You~

Come Unto Me

Call Godís name and He will answer,
He will not forsake your plea,
For He will be with you always,
If He abides in your heart, He is with thee.

Give unto Jesus your trust and be faithful,
Walk by His side or stand beneath His shield,
Godís love will encompass your spirit,
In loving praise to Him, your heart will yield.

Navigate the roadway to heaven,
Trust in God to show you the way,
Keep your eyes upon the Savior,
He is with you throughout the day.

When you are feeling so downtrodden,
To Jesus Christ reach out your hand,
He will bring you close to His breast,
Leading you upon more solid ground.

He is the Savior, who loves you,
He keeps you in His ever-loving care,
He is your Father; give your all to Him,
You know HeĎll always be there.

Gayle Davis
July 16, 2002



Midi: "Come to Me"
Written by: Ralph Merrifield
Performance Of Adrian V. Miller

Provided by New Hope Music
Used With Permission