~ An Hour With You~

Come To Me Now

I hear soft whispers in the cool breeze,
And their swishings air you love me,
While my longing heart cries out Oh please,
Come to me now and we will be.

I hear soft whispers in the sun's light,
How they warm me with your presence,
I feel you so close I'll hold you tight,
Come to me now, my existence.

I hear soft whispers while the rain falls,
They sprinkle o'er me completely,
My heart leaps as breathing seems to pause,
Come to me now e'er so sweetly.

I hear soft whispers on a clear night,
You're gentle so true you need me,
As you look at stars to see my light,
Come to me now, I'm yours you'll see.

I hear soft whispers all around me,
And I feel you're near me somewhere,
Your heart and mine will rightfully be,
Come to me now God's our prayer.

Sondra McPherson
April 5, 2004


Artwork: Windswept
by John Waterhouse

Midi playing "Swept Away"
is copyright by

Used with permission.
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