~ An Hour With You~


Come, Walk With Me

Come--walk with me thru' yesteryear--
We'll take the road of childhood cheer,
We'll wander down the thirties age--
And try to calm their fears and rage.
We'll tell them what will come tomorrow- -
And maybe-somehow ease their sorrow.

We'll talk to folks long ago gone,
And give them hope to carry on.
We'll tiptoe the forties tenderly,
Because they nurtured you and me.
Childhood friends we visit now,
Lines of worry on their brow.

Roller skating ol' Broadway,
Just five little giggly girls at play.
Reassure them the time will come--
When the turmoil is over-the war will be won.
We'll meander the fifties-and take our time,
An age of innocence and joy sublime.

The flag of Old Glory is unfurled,
Forgetting the horror that changed our world.
Tread lightly now-the sixties arrive,
The easy living will not survive.
A man succumbs to an assassin's gun-
A new type of horror has begun.

A shot heard round the world, my friend--
Signaling the age of innocence to end.
Rush thru' the seventies in shock and outrage--
A decadent society opens this page.
A Sodom and Gomorrah generation explodes--
Responsible folks only, shoulder the loads.

Walk thru' the eighties and look around--
Aren't you glad we're from an era more sound?
When entire families cared for their own,
Life was clean-cabinets bare to the bone,
When every new taste was a joy to behold-
And every new dress was better than gold--------

Run thru' the nineties---He's showing HIS wrath!
Disasters and tragedies forming HIS path.
We'll just go back to 1940--
When I called you "Brat" and you called me "Shorty"
Mary and Olga and Charlotte, all three-
Are again our constant company--

We're skating the block on one pair of skates--
All holding hands and missing the grates---------
Do you believe the world is on the brink??
Well-I don't know-what do you think?
Dedicated to my sister, because we shared the same world

Betty C. Daniels©

Music: "Hymn For American"

By: Margi Harrell
Permission Granted