~An Hour With You~


Christmas Now And Then

As you, awaken this Christmas morning,
To an earth covered in new fallen snow,
Happiness arises from deep inside,
Racing to the surface, eager to show.

Memories return, haunting to the mind,
Returning to times of family gathered ‘round,
Mother busy in the kitchen, smells waft,
Bringing back thoughts of young children’s happy sounds.

The picture is becoming clear in the mind,
The shadows no longer dark and hidden,
Children bouncing with happiness are so thrilled,
To see Santa did well as thus bidden.

All seated around yon table,
Smiles like a chain linking all you see,
Food displayed by kind loving hands,
Ah the grandeur of sweet memory.

Reality encroaches upon past images,
Returning to the beauty of this exceptional day,
Whiteness surrounds in a ubiquitous layered cloud,
Symbolic of the purity of Jesus’ Loving way.

"Happy Birthday Jesus"

©Gayle Davis
December 18, 2003

Music: "Deck The Halls (1784)"

Sequenced By: Harry Todd (Git Picker)
Used With Permission