~ An Hour With You~

Cherished Soldier

I bow to you my special one,
You have seen and done it all,
You heeded the distant thunder,
You answered the service call.

I enjoy many freedoms,
It is all because of you,
You lay your life on the line,
You have served your country true.

I give you honor and respect,
I owe to you a debt I canít repay,
While I live in peace and comfort,
You fought yet another battle today.

You are a prize of the rarest gem,
A treasure I value so dear,
I pray to the good Lord in Heaven,
You will return to family here.

When you are feeling so alone,
Your heart is aching and blue,
Remember my precious soldier,
You are loved and reverend too.

Dedicated to all the beloved soldiers,
Past, present and future.
We have freedom because of you!

Gayle Davis
March 22, 2004©

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Midi: "Angels Of God"

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