~ An Hour With You~


Cherished Love

I am the receiver of Godís blessings,
They gently shower down upon me anew,
Nourishing my soul in Divine Spirit,
Like unto the grass replenished by the dew.

The love of the Father sustains me,
Giving strength when I am weak,
His word builds my spiritual knowledge,
Yet, helps me to remain meek.

Heavenís angels gather Ďround me,
Encircling me in a protective shroud,
I join with them in songs of praise,
We lift our voices high unto the clouds.

I turn my eyes to the heavens,
I pray to my dear Lord above,
I kneel in total surrender,
I thank God for His cherished love.

©Gayle Davis
January 4, 2004



Music: "Your Love"

Words by: Rick Founds
Music by Paul Gentry and Dan Swan
Used with Permission