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Call Of The Lamb

The Shepherd calls to the lost lamb,
His voice is becoming weary,
Fearful for the life of the little lamb,
The Shepherd’s eyes grow teary.

Heeding not the call of the Master,
Ignoring the voice filled with care,
Living outside the Shepherd’s fold,
Enjoying the pleasures found there.

Finding itself alone in the darkness,
The lamb sadly cries out in fear,
He now calls out to his Shepherd,
Yet, doubtful the Master will hear.

The Shepherd eagerly reaches down,
Gently lifts him in loving arms,
The Master heard His little lamb’s cry,
While protecting His sheep from harm.

Oh, the once stray lamb is rejoicing,
Secure in the Shepherd’s loving hold,
Light has overtaken the darkness,
As he returned to the Master’s fold.

Gayle Davis
September 10, 2003©

©PCJ Designs 11/18/02

Music: "Listen To My Cry"

By Elton Smith and Gilberto Barreto
Permission Granted