~ An Hour With You~


I stand reminiscing,
In the old school yard.
The memories flooding back,
Overwhelm and bombard.

They remind me of a time,
I had rather forget.
Ridicule creates a sting,
The hurt is not gone yet.

I was always the one,
Like the broken swing.
So lonely just hanging around,
Yet hope in my heart I'd bring.

I withstood the ravages of time,
Like the swing on a broken chain.
When I see the ones that mocked,
Hurtful tears whelm up again.

I tried my best to get beyond,
The school yard with the broken swing.
But the memories of my youth,
Return on swift flying wings.

So here I stand frozen in time,
Hearing the recess bell ring.
My heart once again fractured,
I am as one with the broken swing.

Gayle Davis
September 3, 2004


Music: Blame It On My Youth - Rev. 1

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Permission Granted

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