An Hour With You

Brilliant Beauty

It's brilliant beauty from the love of God,
All the sweetness of His being,
That awakens us each new day yet awed,
How refreshed we are just seeing.

The warm and good hearted keepsakes of God,
Remembrances, a reminder,
Collected in our hearts to bless abroad,
Celebrated thoughts well kinder.

It's brilliant beauty in new life from God,
Amidst the hearts of all He loves,
Ne'er the sense in vain that did trod,
Jubilance soars on wings of doves.

How sweet is any memento from God,
Oh He comes alive in our soul,
Like a blaze of fire spews over the sod,
His glowing Presence makes us whole.

Sondra McPherson
February 1, 2004



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