~ An Hour With You~

I awakened this Thanksgiving morning,
To the aroma of fresh baked bread,
Mother is busy in the kitchen,
Company needs to be fed.

Children racing around in play,
Grown-ups talking of old times,
Recalling when the harvest,
Was not bountifully defined,

Family joined together,
In a day of thankfulness,
Giving praise to the Lord above,
In heartfelt gratefulness.

Thank you Lord, for family,
For someone to show they care,
For all the blessings You give,
The special love we share.

Thank you my beloved Jesus,
For the gift bestowed to me,
The precious life you sacrificed,
Giving eternal life guarantee.

We stand around the table,
Hands all intertwined,
Bowing before you sweet Jesus,
Hearts in accord with thankful minds.

©Gayle Davis
November 6 2004

©Luvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003

Music: "Beatitudes"
Original Songs by MidiSandy

Copyrighted By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission