~An Hour With You~

Books, The Stairway To Dreams

Books, a stairway to dreams
Can be a magical adventure
Going to the most magnificent places
Surrounding yourself with the beauty of the word

Books can take you into the realm
Of many years gone by
Or letting you experience
Living in an imaginary future world

This wonderful adventure and excitement
Can only be accomplished
By entering the marvelous world of books
Reading about wonderful adventures

Going to far away places,
Walking on sandy beaches
Exotic flowers in a lovely Tropical Island
Places of adventure, safety and fun
Books, A stairway to dreams

Try it you may enjoy the adventure
Of being some place, you never have been
Seeing the beauty of some place
You have never seen before

This can be accomplished
For reading, will give you
The gift of knowledge and wisdom
For books are stairways to dreams

Donna J. Kramer
Aug 6, 2004



Music: In All Our Dreams

By: Elton Smith and Lorraine Gordon
Permission Given


Assembled By: Donna