~ An Hour With You~



The beautiful Blue Angel
Was given a very special assignment
This beautiful Blue Angel gathers tears
She watches and sees everyone's sadness

With the Blue Angels beautiful wings
She flies down among the people
Carrying with her some lovely bottles
Catching all the tears of the forlorn

Transforming every single tear
Making the tears into lovely flowers
With the fragrance of vanilla and spice
In beautiful gentle pastel colors

Then flying around among God' people
She sprinkles blooms of happiness
Solving some of the sadness in the world
By the gentle dusting of the sweet smelling blooms

Which are filled with God's love and joy
Spreading petals of compassion and understanding
From the beautiful bottles of love
Being sprinkled by God' Blue Angel

©Donna J. Kramer
Nov.17, 2004



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Music: On The Wings Of Love

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given

Assembled By: Donna