~An Hour With You~

Blue And Black Butterfly

A beautiful Blue and Black Butterfly
Sitting on the morning dew grass
Encircled with droplets of water
Which shines like the beauty of diamonds

Remembering the memories
Of its beginning of life
An ugly caterpillar
Crawling on the ground

Waiting, Waiting
To become a cocoon
Then what a strange mystical
Adventure it had

Hanging in a tree
All funny looking and brown
Waiting to see
Just how magnificent
It would turn out to be

Waiting, Waiting
A long, long time
Now what a beautiful
Blue and Black Butterfly

For now I can fly
For the whole world to see
The beautiful colors
That God gave to me

Donna J. Kramer
Aug, 5, 2003




Music: Butterfly Kisses

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given


Page Assembled By: Donna