~ An Hour With You~


Blessings And Grace

Blessings and grace on Thanksgiving Day,
Iím praying for each of you,
How grateful I am for dear sweet friends,
I give thanks to the Lord too.

May your hearts be filled with joy and peace,
All the sweetness of Jesus,
May your hunger and thirst become full,
As our Saviorís touch does bless.

Blessings adorn on Thanksgiving Day,
Iím praying your hearts do sing,
Praise Jesusí Name as He touches you,
For precious healings He brings.

May your hearts be full of happiness,
Delight in your family,
May you take in love and hugs galore,
Enjoy and give leisurely.

Blessings and Grace on Thanksgiving Day,
Sweet friends I want to thank you,
You fill my heart with love and I know,
Beautiful Jesus sent you.

Proclaim Jesusí love, hope and have faith,
He is all of Thanksgiving,
I wish you love, His Divine Beauty,
Praise the Lord He is living.

©Sondra McPherson
November 7, 2004


Music: "Sunrise"

Composed and Sequenced
By: Andy Klapwyk
Used With Permission