~An Hour With You~


Early in the morn,
As the sun peeps o’er the hill,
Feathered friends gather,
Singing with a vibrate trill.

Looking like a colorful rainbow,
In colors of almost every hue,
They entertain everyone about,
Display a territorial view.

Perching upon the feeders,
Then dropping fast to the ground,
Eating everything in sight,
Each makes joyful chirping sounds.

Appetites fully sated,
Off to the trees they hastily go,
Collected twigs and dead grass,
Males built a new nest the mate to show.

Testing it out for comfort,
The female takes a seat,
Satisfied with the building,
Her mate she quickly meets.

What is that I am now seeing?
Is it eggs beginning to crack?
I see a little birdie’s head,
Look, its parents are coming back!

Time passes by so quickly,
I sense happiness in the air,
Near are the once baby birds,
They have learned to fly with fanfare.

©Gayle Davis
March 8, 2004



Music: "Small Miracles"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.