~ An Hour With You~

Behold the beauty of Jesus,
How His compassion beckons us,
Beyond value's His preciousness,
Freely given is forgiveness.

Yes I'm captivated by Him,
Like a highly prized precious gem,
How He's beauty in perfection,
Oh I'll never know rejection.

Behold the beauty of Jesus,
Loved by the Father, sent to us,
He's gentle and loving and Lord,
And He's the song of songs adored.

He's Divinely flowing brightness,
The fragrance of a rose' sweetness,
He's the highborn essence of God,
Yes He's beautiful and I'm awed.

Behold the beauty of Jesus,
His purity saturates us,
Like a rose flushed bud that flowers,
He bestows life giving showers.

Jesus' beauty I'll e'er behold,
Iím touched by the rose to be told,
Pure love, esteemed, full of Glory,
He is my Living Love story.

©Sondra McPherson
November 17, 2004

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Midi playing "Touched By A Rose" By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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