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Beauty Of The Hummingbird

 One of God' smallest gifts
The beautiful Rufus Hummingbird
Emerald green with ruby chest
Flying so fast his little wings hum

Flitting from flower to flower
Drinking of the sweet nectar
Playing with each other
As they fly from flower to flower

Loving the beautiful Fuchsia plant
With its beautiful pink and white flowers
That has a sweet soft heavenly smell
Which draws God' beautiful tiny hummingbirds

Which drink the sweet nectar
From the beautiful Fuchsia plant
And from the tiny pink bell shaped flowers
From one of the hummingbird's favorite flowers
The tiny pink and red Coral Bells

If you stand real still and be real quiet
You may have a beautiful hummingbird
Come up and sit on your finger
Than you will really be able to see

The wonder and the beauty
Of the Beautiful Rufus Hummingbird
In all their magnificent glory

Donna J. Kramer
Aug, 2, 2004




Music: As I Gaze At The Stars

By: Tim Barber
Permission Given: Elton Smith


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