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Beauty Of The Fallen Leaves

Beauty Of  The Fallen Leaves

Sitting alone in the city park
On and old rickety park bench
Admiring the beauty and sweet smell
On a beautiful brisk fall day

Being surrounded by many trees
With the colors of the brilliance of fire
Colors of orange, yellow
Red and some gold

Hearing only the swishing
Blowing sound of the falling leaves
Given a feeling of wonder while looking
At the beauty of God' fallen leaves

Sensing a feeling of perfection
While being given a feeling of peace
Squirrels scurrying here and there
Collecting acorns and nuts to hide

Stopping to play, roll and tussle
In the beauty of the fallen leaves
The antics of God' cute little squirrels
Playing and working in the fall leaves


Bringing a smile of pure pleasure
To anyone's face who was blessed to see
And hear the miraculous wonder
Of the Beauty of God's Fallen Leaves

©Donna J. Kramer
Oct 22, 2004


Music: Remember

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna