~An Hour With You~

Beautiful Shy Fairy

Beautiful little shy Fairy
So sweet, soft and gentle
Shyly dusting all the roses
With golden fairy dust

The roses sparkle and shine
While being kissed by the morning dew
Then being sprinkled and dusted
By the beautiful shy Fairy

She loves pink, blue, white roses
Plus the red rose of love
Which radiates out an aroma
Of a sweet, soft spicy smell

Protects her beautiful roses
By wrapping all the flowers
In a blanket of fairy dust
Protecting their beauty and aroma

Then the beautiful sparkling roses
Transfer their beauty and fragrance
On the one who lovingly cares for them
The beautiful little shy Fairy

Donna J. Kramer
Oct. 31, 2004





Music: Love Melody

Permission Given
By: Margi Harrell



Assembled By: Donna