~An Hour With You~

Beautiful In Red

A warm spring evening
With a soft breeze whispering
Through the bushes and trees
On the night of the Annual Cotillion

Men and ladies dressed
In their finest outfits
Black and white tuxedos
Ladies in beautiful pastel gowns

Music began playing
A Beautiful gentle waltz
When out of nowhere
Appeared a beautiful lady
All dressed in red

She had silky shiny hair
With beautiful eyes of blue
She stood out like a brilliant ruby
Amongst a group of pebbles

She was the young lady
Who lived on the other side of the tracks
Invited with love from the young man of the house
To this magnificent Annual Cotillion

He joined her and took her into his arms
As they whirled around to the beautiful waltz
Everyone was admiring this beautiful lady
Forgetting form where she came

Only noticing her as the lady
That is so beautiful in red
And how very much she was loved
By the young man of the house

Donna J. Kramer
Aug 18, 2004




Music: Once In A Lifetime

Sequenced By: Jack Hall


Page Assembled By: Donna