~ An Hour With You~

Beautiful Hummingbird

Beautiful Hummingbird
So small, lovely and delicate
Flitting from flower to flower
In their lovely iridescent feathers

Majestic colors of green and red
Sent down from heaven above
To convey a message from God
On how very much we are loved

Tiny and lovely hummingbird
Fluttering here and fluttering there
Flying so swift and fast
Collecting food for their nesting babies

Grace, speed and determination
Helps to protect them and their family
Showing us the true value of life
From this beautiful little hummingbird

The beautiful little Hummingbird
Was sent down from heaven above
To give us a small glimpse of heaven
From our loving father above

Protect our beautiful hummingbird
For hummingbirds are filled with Godís love

Donna J. Kramer
June 5, 2004©





Music "I Want To Be Like Jesus"

Used With Permission