~ An Hour With You~ 



Come, For All Things
are Now Ready
- Luke 14:17


Beautiful Heaven

Beautiful heavenís the City of God,
Itís the eternal home for us,
Jubilant worship for all believers,
Redeemed by the Blood of Jesus.

Beautiful heavenís God the Fatherís House,
Where Jesus is in His Presence,
There will be perfect love and perfect peace,
No sorrow nor pain in essence.

Beautiful heavenís the place of angels,
And they eíer see the Face of God,
They rejoice oíer one sinner who repents,
ĎTis Gloryís mystery thatís awed.

Beautiful heavenís indescribable,
And prepared for us that love Him,
All Godís childrenís blessed promised hope will be,
And loved ones weíll see and know them.

Beautiful heavenís where weíll live always,
And weíll love and worship our Lord,
Face to face our relationship with Him,
Will be glorious and adored.

Beautiful heavenís Grand Magnificence,
All I know itís where I shall be,
One day when Iím gathered up by angels,
Compassionate Jesus Iíll see.

©Sondra McPherson
July 12, 2004





Music: "Splendor and Majesty"

By: Ralph Merrifield and Lenny Smith
Permission Granted